For more than 30 years, the law firm of Stephen Clinton Willis has represented individuals and businesses throughout the State of Florida, and clients throughout the United States who have legal or business interests in the State of Florida. The firm has represented two former candidates for the Office of Florida Governor, and our representative clients have included Legendary Marine in Destin, Florida, and Sandestin Golf and Beach Resorts in Sandestin Florida.

Our law firm provides representation to our clients unequaled by other large law firms. With our firm, you’re not just a client with a file number. When you call our firm, we know your name, and we know the case that you’re calling about.

With few exceptions, we will be able to address the inquiry about your case within minutes or hours, not days later. Stephen Willis recalls, and holds true in his practice, the advice he received from former Florida Supreme Court Justice Richard Ervin (when Mr. Willis was in law school as a law clerk at the firm of Ervin, Varn, Jacobs, Odom & Kitchen in Tallahassee, Florida).

“Each client’s case may not seem to be the most important case you have in your practice, but it is the most important case to them. Always remember that.”

Our law firm adheres to that advice and admonition. We represent our clients with aggressive and intellectual advocacy. Stated summarily, we treat each case we handle as a unique case for each client. We thoroughly acquaint ourselves with the facts of your case; we analyze each and every legal strategy that may be available to you; we assist you in choosing the best strategy for your situation; and we aggressively advocate for you toward your most successful outcome.

For an initial consultation with our firm, call our office for an appointment.

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