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If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing you. Under Florida law, the punishment for criminal violations may often be severe. By way of example, Florida has a 10/20/Life law for weapons charges, which means that the mandatory minimum sentence for having a gun while committing a crime is 10 years. Firing a weapon during the commission of a crime may result in a minimum sentence of 20 years. Florida also has one of the most stringent drug trafficking laws in the country because of the high incidence of drug trafficking in the State. The penalties for a criminal conviction can include large fines, and imprisonment from several years to life.

A criminal conviction may also have serious ramifications for your employment and your career. Your future, your reputation in the community, and your education and job prospects, may be in jeopardy when you are facing a potential criminal conviction. If you’ve violated your probation, the probation officer may arrest you (the probationer) without a warrant, and the original jail or prison sentence may be reinstated.  A criminal conviction may remain on your record,  and likely harm or impede your ability in getting employment or certain housing in the future.

Stephen Willis has more than 30 years of experience in handling a variety of criminal defense cases involving assault and battery, burglary, DUI, drug possession and drug trafficking, domestic violence, probation violations, theft, criminal traffic violations, and weapons charges. Mr. Willis will work aggressively to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your case.

Depending on the specific circumstances relating to your case, Mr. Willis may be able to get your charges dismissed; he may be able to obtain a Deferred Prosecution Agreement on your behalf; and in most instances, he will negotiate an outcome far more favorable than your initial offer from the Office of the State Attorney. We serve clients all over Florida. We are consummately familiar with Florida criminal law, and we can help assess your particular case; negotiate with the prosecution; and aggressively defend your rights in court. If an appeal becomes necessary in your case, Mr. Willis is an experienced criminal appellate attorney. He is admitted and qualified to practice in all Florida appellate courts, the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

We defend clients. we don’t judge clients. We understand that your situation is sensitive, and we accordingly provide our prospective clients with a free, confidential consultation with no obligation. We believe in providing honest, professional and compassionate legal services for each and every client, and Mr. Willis is experienced and prepared to aggressively defend your rights, and help you achieve the best outcome possible.

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